The Ride

Ride2017Brittany 2017: 9th – 15th July

We are pleased to confirm that the 2017 Ride will be a first to Brittany. Ride 32 will start from St Malo and finish in Cherbourg where we will be using the Fastcat to return to Portsmouth.

The ride is about 300 miles which is similar in length to the 2016 ride. The terrain is a little more challenging but certainly not the hardest ride we have done over the years. As always we wish to encourage all ages and abilities to enjoy the event and to give the Ride it’s unique character. Entries will be on a first come basis as always and our limit is 110 riders. The 2016 ride was very popular and we had a waiting list only 2 weeks after entries were taken.

Despite the hammering the pound has taken in recent weeks we have managed to reserve our hotels and ferries and ordered jerseys at slightly less than eye watering prices.

The entry fee will be £505.

There maybe a  small number of single rooms available at a supplement  of £185 for riders who don’t want to share a room.  These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee availability of these until nearer the time.


Sunday 9th July 2017 – overnight ferry to St Malo

St-Malo is considered by many to be the most attractive channel port in France and its cobbled streets are brimming with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

It is worth a visit here to have breakfast before starting the cycle ride to St Brieuc.

BrieucMonday 10th July – St Malo to St Brieuc – 50 miles
Saint-Brieuc is named after a Welsh monk Brioc, who Christianised the region in the 6th century and established an oratory there. The town is located by the English Channel, on the Bay of Saint-Brieuc.

There is a splendid Cathedral in the town. Two of the hotels are in Langueux on the outskirts of the town, a 5 minute taxi journey from the town. The third hotel is in the town.

VannesTuesday 11th July – Saint Brieuc to Vannes – 75 miles
Vannes is renowned to be the most beautiful city in Brittany. Vannes is a walled town in the Brittany region of northwest France. Its well-preserved old town is characterized by narrow cobbled streets and medieval gates.

Both hotels are a short walk from the harbour where there are lots of bars and restaurants.

RennesWednesday 12th July – Vannes to Rennes – 75 miles
Rennes is the capital city of Brittany, northwest France. It’s known for its medieval half-timbered houses and grand Rennes Cathedral.

The hotel is by the railway station and is close to restaurants and bars. We have used the hotel on previous occasions and they are looking forward to seeing us again.

If you joined us last year you will recall the building works in the area which is part of a tram scheme for the city and is likely to still be in progress in 2017!

CoutancesThursday 13th July – Rennes to Coutances – 80 miles
Coutances is found in the Manche department of Normandy, to the south of the Cotentin peninsula.

Both hotels are on the outskirts of Coutances, but it would be worth visiting the town before heading for the hotels.

CherbourgFriday 14th July – Coutances to Cherbourg – 50 miles

Cherbourg, in Normandy, is a port town with a seafaring history that is second to none.

One of the first places that the Titanic visited on its fateful journey and quickly liberated from the Nazis after the Normandy Landings.

The last night party will be held in the Mercure hotel starting at 7.30pm.

Saturday 15th July – departure from Cherbourg to Portsmouth on the fastcat

Notes about the routes

For those interested there are 5 stages to prepare the route:

  1. We check hotel suitability, capacity and availability for the towns or cities we plan to visit
  2. We visit the hotels to book them and to check their suitability for bike storage etc
  3. We use GPS mapping software which is excellent for plotting very detailed routes to download onto a tomtom or garmin device (usually both)
  4. The route is driven and carefully checked to note road signs and other important features including way stops and to note towns to eat and drink. We will identify good check points for support to put into the notes where appropriate
  5. There is always a final recce about 2 weeks before we leave. The French love to dig up their roads! In almost every ride we have experienced at least one route barre as most of you know

We will publish the route before we depart and in 2017 we will arrange for the route files to be available on the website for you to download to your GPS devices.


The ride is priced at £505.  The cost includes all transportation, hotel and cabin accommodation, a cycling shirt, en- route snacks and drinks and dinner on the last night. With a price like this we can rightly claim that not only are we the first long distance charity cycle ride but also the best value!

If you prefer not to share a room with another rider, you can opt to pay a single room supplement of £185.

Entry information: Lori Poore on 07816 960806 or e-mail

Terms and conditions

  1. All participants in this event do so at their own risk and accept that the organisers have no legal liability in any regard. It is a condition of entry that riders will wear a helmet whilst cycling.
  2. The money raised by this event is distributed to charitable causes nominated by the organising committee and individual riders. Whilst every effort is made to comply with rider requests, we cannot guarantee that every nomination will receive a donation, although 100% of personal sponsorship money raised is distributed to charitable causes. Donations made to charities will reflect the fund-raising efforts of individual participants.
  3. All participants hereby agree to pay promptly all monies raised, will use their best endeavours to raise a sum in excess of £150 and will inform the organisers of the amount collected, in the event of the money being sent directly to their chosen charity, the name of which shall also be confirmed, once sent.
  4. In the event of any participant cancelling, the initial deposit of £100 is non-refundable. Other refunds are not usually payable for any payments made after the end of May. You will understand that the Ride has to commit to hotels, ferries and the support costs of the ride and those monies cannot be recovered. Refunds are at the discretion of the committee and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  5. You must obtain an EHIC travel card and carry it with you on the Ride, together with your personal insurance documents. Public liability insurance only is carried by the organisers.
  6. Personal travel insurance requirements must be dealt with on an individual basis. By accepting the terms and conditions for the ride you agree to take out this insurance.
  7. The event is not a race our basic philosophy is to help others, whilst having fun. Riders are assisted by a number of support vehicles and are encouraged to ride at their own comfortable pace.
  8. Organisers have the discretion to refuse entry.
  9. The organisers reserve the right to impose a surcharge of up to £20 in the event of unforeseen costs or currency fluctuations.
  10. The organisers may require a copy of your passport to assist when leaving and entering the UK and/or France.
  11. Hotel room mini-bars should be locked but, if used, the cost will be individually recovered during the Ride, as will hotel telephone bills.
  12. A limited range of bike spares can be purchased, at cost, from support vehicles where available.
  13. High energy drinks, sweets, cakes, bananas and other sustenance and also basic medical supplies will be provided by support where available.
  14. Whilst we might recommend way and lunch stops, it is for each rider to decide where they choose to stop. Some riders prefer to stop more frequently than others, so please think about this carefully each day during the trip.
  15. Whilst the standard age for entries is 14 and above, the committee will exercise its discretion in all cases where a riders age is under 14 at the time of the Ride.  Any child must be capable of completing the entire ride without support as with any other rider.  We have never had any problems in the past on this point with young riders. The safety of all riders is paramount and you will understand that at times support can be stretched to cope with riders who need assistance.   It is therefore essential that each young rider is accompanied at all times whether cycling or otherwise by a responsible adult.  That would usually be a parent of the child but not necessarily.  That means one child to one responsible adult. If you wish to bring a child on the Ride we will always try to exercise our discretion in a positive manner but clearly there can be no guarantee that the child will be accepted as a participant.  If you wish to make an application please send full details of the child and the responsible adult to