1988 Hayling Charity Cycle Ride

Funds raised: £6,500

Number of riders: 43

The party grew to over 40 and thanks to Barry Maloney and friends it really was a party! They set a fun tone for the event which has lasted to this day. The hotel selection was a bit "iffy" though there has been real improvements since. There was a bit of a mix up over one of the hotels in Paris and nobody had realised that it doubled as a brothel! Also the cockroaches were quite active in one or two others.

The fund raising stars were the tandem ladies Ann Sainty and Sheila Pearce. They entered on a fairly ancient machine with a very limited range of rather unpredictable gears. They loaded an already heavy bike with a shopping basket carrying an assortment of items so nobody could say that they made it easy for themselves. During that year and the year after they raised over £3000.