2017 Brittany ride itinerary and route information

Itinerary and route guidance for the 2017 ride. Route information includes:

  • Route notes
  • GPX files
  • Route visualisations

Sponsorship Rules - (.pdf)

Rules for gaining sponsorship for your Hayling to Paris ride. Please read carefully!

Sponsorship Form 2018 - (.pdf)

The sponsorship form includes a column for Gift Aid, allowing you to boost your donation to your charity by allowing the charity to claim tax that you have paid on your income. Please send this in to us for onward despatch to your nominated charity, or direct to your charity, along with your sponsorship money. It is vital that you supply the postcode of the sponsor for Gift Aid to be claimed. Please keep us informed of your fundraising

Cycle Hayling Map

The map has been through several, annual revisions. Cycle Hayling has distributed it to various locations and outlets throughout the island. Click here for more information about Cycle Hayling or visit their web site:

Image resources

The web site holds a number of images we use in publicity.