1997 Hayling Charity Cycle Ride

Funds raised: £50,000

Number of riders: 177

First time rider Andy Owens arrived in Paris somewhat later than the rest of the group! Andy had last been seen on the ferry where he had rather over indulged at the bar, gone to bed in his cabin and then got up in his underwear and taken a breather on deck. His came back down looking for his cabin couldn't find it, found an empty one and overslept. By the time he woke the party had left for Paris, his absence having somehow been overlooked. Sometime later Andy turned up at the ship's information desk dressed in a duvet and explained his predicament. Having somehow bought some clothes he got a train to Paris and located the hotel through some guesswork! This was no mean matter when all he knew was that he was staying at The Mercure and dare not phone home to check the details in case he had to explain why he needed them!

This was the year that the Ride 'found' Muids. A small village bordering the Seine about 25 miles from Rouen. Thirsts have regularly been slaked here ever since, first at La Chaumiere and subsequently at the Bar De La Poste.