1995 Hayling Charity Cycle Ride

Funds raised: £31,000

Number of riders: 144

New chairman Paul Fisher made his mark in his first year in the post with the ride organisation moving to a new level. A concerted effort was made to move a way from main roads to quieter ones and Paul organised a splendid lunch stop in the village of Cormeilles where a main street as part of their civic welcome. 25 cyclists took part in an experimental two way ride whereby riders rode both to and from Paris... Some thought this was a bit eccentric but by the following year the Two Way Ride would be a permanent and key feature of the Paris to Hayling

Mike and Stella Burras entered the ride for the first time. It was the death of their baby, Louise that had led to the first ride. Since the beginning they had understandable been staunch supporters but now they thought they should take part. Mike recalls that he hadn't got a bike and hadn't cycled since he was at school? I went out and bought a £60 lump of iron from Macro. I hadn't got a clue! I didn't even know how to set the saddle and on the first ride out my knees were right up to my tummy! I must have looked a right prat! He remembers his first serious practice ride from Hayling to Chichester. 'I got back as far as the Ship and I had to stop. I ached all over and felt like I'd been down a salt mine for 3 months'.