1998 Hayling Charity Cycle Ride

Funds raised: £46,000

Number of riders: 156

Recces are a key part to planning future Rides, particularly when changes are made to the route. In the Hayling Islander Paul Fisher described the first of two that were made in 1998...

"We stayed in Evreux, where we were joined by Peter McQuade, then Paris and Cormeilles, during the course of the three days. All of our route change objectives were achieved, with the exception of finding a very quiet route into Paris, which may turn out to be nigh on impossible. A particular success, the main part of our mission, was to find an attractive way into Evreux, avoiding the plain, even finding a suitably located bar just before our stop for the evening. However, we were hijacked by a French local at our ride lunch stop in Grandchain, who insisted we follow him the 10 kilometres to his house in the back of beyond to ply us with all types of home-made drinks, including Calvados and pommeau. His wife seemed a little bewildered by it all."

Paul Fisher described the 1998 Ride as a great ride for those who liked wind rain and punctures. I couldn't argue with that! One part of the Evreux Paris route was so congested with bikes strewn across the road while punctures were dealt with that it was always referred to subsequently as 'Puncture Valley'.