2003 Hayling Charity Cycle Ride

Helping charity for the fun of it

Sunday 6th July 2003 to Saturday 12th July 2003

Funds raised: £55,000

Number of riders: 129

NEW RIDE 2003 LogoIn Paris the main Ride met up with the group of weather beaten riders from Montpelier. Riders heard their tales of climbing the fabled Mont Ventoux, How long it took to mount and how long to drop down. In the case of one Dave Edmonds this had not exactly gone according to plan and he had crashed over the side of the mountain wrapping his handle bars around him breaking several ribs and altogether finishing up rather worse for wear, though slightly better off than his written off bike. Fortunately he subsequently made a full recovery. Ironically Dave is one of the few tee-totallers who regularly participate in our rides. Nuff said!

POSTCARD_2003We had had an awards ceremony at the end of the Ride, right back to 1987, but by now we had a range of 'serious' cycling cups ranging from the Bavent Group Cup to the Eberhardt Signs Trophy for the most improved rider, as well as nominal awards for Rear Of The Year (ladies) and CB (Cute Butt - gents). Perhaps the most prestigious of these awards was the Oracle Proof That You Can award for a rider who probably had to push that little bit extra, just to complete the event. This year it was won by Gosport publican Mick Stratton, who had been laid up with serious back problems only a few weeks before embarking on his cycling challenge.