Ride 2018 downloads

This year we won't be printing any material. Instead we are asking riders to print out what they need before the ride and bring it with them.


You can download the itinerary here.

Route notes

Here are the route notes for all five days in four versions. The PDF versions do not require any special software besides a PDF reader as provided with most web browsers and available as a free download here. If you have suitable software, the Word documents allow you to change the layout and formatting to suit your preferences and bike mounting choice. The A4 versions use A4 paper as used in past rides; the A5 versions use smaller size paper and might be more convenient for you.

PDF version A4 Download
PDF version A5 Download
Word version A4 Download
Word version A5 Download

Digital routes

The following sections provide digital versions of the routes suitable for loading into GPS devices and mobile phones with mapping apps.

These versions are not a substitute for the printed ones. The route notes provided above include advice on where to get refreshments and identify the compulsory check-in points. Please do not rely on the digital route files alone.

We provide a GPX file containing a track rather than a route (prevents some devices from re-routing if it 'thinks' it has a better route, or if you go off the route). If you see gobbledegook when you click the 'gpx file' link, come back to this page, right click the link then click 'Save target as' or similar.

The 'visualisation' link allows you to see a route on the Mapometer web site using a map or a satellite view as background. Mapometer also provides height and gradient graphs as well as alternative export options. You do not need a Mapometer account.

If you can't find a gpx file version to suit your device, the gpsvizualizer web site allows you to convert gpx files into a ton of different formats.

Day 1 - Caen to Evreux

Main route to the Ibis hotel: gpx file; visualisation.

Ibis hotel to L'Orme hotel: gpx file; visualisation.

Ibis hotel to Normandie hotel: gpx file; visualisation.

Day 2 - Evreux to Versailles

Main route to finish in Versailles: gpx file; visualisation.

Versailles to the Campanile hotel: gpx file; visualisation.

Day 3 - Versailles to Rouen

Route: gpx file; visualisation.

Day 4 - Rouen to Le Havre

Route: gpx file; visualisation.

Day 5 - Le Havre to Caen

Route: gpx file; visualisation.

Downloading documents and digital routes to phones

There are several ways to do that but the simplest - that works for all types of phone and all versions of operating systems - is to email the files to your phone and extract them from there.

If you use Osmand for route guidance and mapping, opening a GPX file automatically transfers the file to Osmand's route library. Other, similar products might do the same.