Practice rides



We are changing the format of our practice rides this year. Rather than running them every weekend we are going to organise fewer rides with the hope that they are better attended.

Riders who are taking part in our main ride should have their own training schedule in place so that they will achieve a basic fitness level that should enable them to complete the main ride in reasonable comfort.

Our practice rides will be held in order for new riders to meet people that have done the ride before and for past entrants to get together again.

We hope you will support us by taking part when you can.

Further details will be emailed nearer the time and posted on our facebook page.

In the meantime, we have many lovely cycling routes listed under our Archived rides. If you are looking for an idea of where to ride you may like to use one of our many trusted routes.

N.B. Please note you will need to print out the route notes from our website.

Forthcoming practice rides

Sorry, there are no practice rides planned at present. Please try our practice ride archive.