The Paris to Hayling virtual ride

Since we have had to cancel the Hayling Cycle Ride and the Channel to Channel this year, the intention is to raise some money for the Rowans Hospice. It has recently launched a fundraising initiative to cover the million pound deficit incurred as a result of this pandemic. While this is against our tradition of allowing riders to decide where their money goes in this instance it seems justified in that it will allow us to make a significant impact with our restricted fund raising efforts and it is a very worthy cause,

This challenge can be completed alone but we suspect you would prefer to do it with others. In line with current Government Guidelines riders can of course now ride in small groups observing social distancing. You would ideally attempt 3 days of 60 miles i.e. 180 miles (the cycling distance between Paris and Hayling) locally, choosing your own route and, generally, your own times.

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We are fairly relaxed on proof which, in any case, maybe more important to sponsors. But it would be good to have an indication of what you have done and the aggregation of all miles might be a good publicity point. You can send maps or gpx recordings, and photos. We will also set up a Strava group - details will be available on registration (see below).

If you want to do variations on 3 × 60 miles (e.g. 5 × 36 miles), that's fine providing you can get some money.

You are encouraged to raise a minimum of £50. You can either set up your own fundraising web site, or make a direct transfer to The Rowans (keeping us informed). While there are various sites, on balance, "Just Giving" maybe the easiest for most although, as with some others, there is a cost to this. If 90 riders collect £50 each that is £4,500. Adding Gift Aid but deducting Just Giving’s slice means we could collect nearly £5,000. And of course we might have more riders than this and raise significantly more money.

We suggest that you do this any time within 4th and 12th July - the same dates as the cancelled Hayling Cycle Ride adding one extra day at the beginning and end for increased flexibility. However, if these dates don’t suit for any reason, then you can choose your own.

Having said that...

It would be good if all local groups could cycle on the last of our suggested days (Sunday 12th July) as it may give us the opportunity to get some significant publicity / inject some fun into the event. Details are still to be worked out. Fancy dress may be encouraged. To facilitate photos/publicity there might be one check point in the Hayling/Havant area that we ask you all to pass through. We will also make some awards for certain contributions but, again, we still need to work on the detail.

Of course cycling on the same day does not mean cycling all together!

For this day in particular but also for the other days it would be good if all riders could have some form of agreed identification – so we suggest a green ribbon on the handlebar as this is the Rowans colour.

No fees will be charged for taking part but you will be registered as participants. To register please use the form below. All cyclists should register, indicating a team where appropriate.

Legal eBike entrants are welcome.

If you want to ride at home, perhaps because you are self-isolating, you are welcome.

The virtual ride is not restricted to Hayling Cycle Ride and C2C cyclists - Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier, and the more money for the Rowans.

If you want to team up with other cyclists but currently have nobody with whom to do so then please let me know and we will try to make some introductions.

Please do not try to join groups you encounter on the road without permission and certainly not if it renders the group illegal by having more than six members.

Sadly no stops this year as at: La Poste in Muids; Café Gondree at Pegasus Bridge; or, for C2C riders. the Carriers at Stockton - but next year we will be there!

Pete McQuade

Registration form

Please note that while this is launched under the umbrella of the Hayling Cycle Ride , the operation of the Paris To Hayling Virtual Challenge is being run as a separate initiative, distinct from our normal events. Please do not use the normal Hayling Cycle Ride emails. Instead, you can get in touch with us at

By registering, you acknowledge:

  • You are entirely free to choose your own route.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are cycling in accordance with the then current UK Government guidelines.
  • You may chose which days in which you participate .
  • Neither The Haying Cycle Ride, nor any individual connected with it, nor anyone involved in the organisation of this event shall have any liability whatsoever with regards to your participation in the Paris To Hayling Virtual Challenge.
  • While this event is organised for the benefit of the Rowans Hospice, the Hospice is not in any way responsible for running the event and all communications regarding entry should be addressed to The Paris To Hayling Virtual Challenge at